Clayton Chapman and Adam McGuire

Driver:Clayton Chapman23yrs old

Navigator:Adam McGuire24yrs old

Hyden 2011 image

Vehicle:Mitsubishi Triton 2.2L 4Cyl Turbo Triton

CAMS Offroad Racing Class – Extreme 4WD

Clayton began racing with his parents when he was 14 driving the teams turbo charged Pajeor in short course events and navigating for his mother Leila in long course events.
Adam begain navigating for Clayton when he was 16. Clayton and Adam are friends since primary school, growing up together in Federal riding bikes and driving cars. Adam is a major part of the teams sucsess, as the two have grown to work as one in the car trusting each other in very high risk situations, helping to getting the car to the finish line in one piece and as fast as possible.
Clayton and Adam earned 2009 and 2010 National Production 4WD Champions in the teams Production Triton, which is a huge credit to not only the boys but the team as well.
2013 was the debut season for the teams current Extreme 4WD Triton, both the 2013 and 2014 AORC seasons have been very testing for the team with many bugs to iron out of the new race car. Glimmers of hope would show every now and then, some of thememorable times include a 5th outright prologue at 2014 Finke and a 4th outright prologue at Lockyer Valley and taking out the National Extreme 4WD Class Driver and Navigator. Keen to take on the 2015 season with the 801 on the roof and a new confidence and knowledge of this amazing vehicle the boys are ready to give it thier best shot.

Racing History & Results


Australian Offroad Racing Championship

Extreme 4WD Class - 3rd

Events at:

Hyden 450 WA - 1st in class & 9th outright

Finke Desert Race NT - DNF suspension

Baroota SA - DNF gearbox

Pines Enduro Millicent SA - DNF engine

Goondiwindi QLD - Cancelled due to weather

Queensland Offroad Series

Events at:

Texas 200 - 3rd outright in Prologue - DNF Mech problem

Sexton - short course - 1st in class & 4th outright

Fraser Coast - short course - 1st in class and 1st outright

Landcruiser Mountain Park

Coopers Rally Series

Round 1 - 3rd in modified class

Expo:Champion 4WD Team -3rd place

includes Gymkhana, Hill Drags, Barrell Race & Super Rally Cross

Mud Bulls and Music: Rally Cross - 2nd petrol standard 3rd outright


Australian Offroad Racing Championship

Class Champion for Production 4WD


- defeated Geoff Pickering

title holder for past 8 yrs

Events at:

Hyden 450 WA - 2nd

Finke Desert Race NT - DNF - (mech failure)

Sunraysia 500 NSW - 1st

Pines Millicent SA - 1st

Goondiwindi QLD - 1st

Qld Offroad Drivers Series

1st in Production Class

Events at:

Echo Valley - short course - 2nd in class

Gundy 200 - long course - 2nd in class

Jimna Enduro - long course - 1st in class & 2nd outright

Sexton - short course - 5th in class (mech failure)

Toogoolawah -short course - 3rd in class (mech failure)

Goondiwindi 400 - long course - 1st in class

Hirstglen - short course - 1st in class & 2nd outright

Landcruiser Mountain Park

Expo :Champion 4WD Team - runners up

includes Gymkhana, Hill Drags, Barrell Race & Super Rally Cross

Mud, Bulls & Music:

Go to Woe Hill Drags - 1st in standard class

Super Rally Cross - 1st in standard class

(Driving Rob's extreme 4WD Pajero)

Go to Woe Hill Drags - 3rd in modified class

Super Rally Cross - 2nd in modified class


Qld Offroad Drivers Series

2ndin Production 4WD Class

Events at:

Hirstglen 200 – 1stin class & 5thoutright

Goondiwindi 200 – 2ndin class

Jimna Enduro – 2ndin class

Sexton short course – 1stin class & 9thoutright

Toogoolawah 150 –1st in class

Goondiwindi AORC – DNF (Harmonic balancer)

Kilkivan short course – 1st in class


Australian Offroad Racing Championship Tri Series

PWR Sunraysia 500 – Mildura - 1stin Production Class

Defeated National Champion Geoff Pickering who had not been beaten since 2002. Also defeated all Extreme 4WD competitors. Article in Auto Action magazine & Racedeadline website.

Pines 500 - Millicent - DNF (Tie rod)

Goondiwindi 500 - DNF (Harmonic Balancer)

Landcruiser Mountain Park Jimna

Expo in May – 2nd& 3rdplacings & Champion 4WD Team



(driving ’84 SWB Pajero)

Qld Offroad Drivers Series

2ndin Production 4WD Class

Brisbane Stadium Race

3rdin 4WD Class – television coverage

Inaugural Qld 4WD Rally



Qld Offroad Short Course Series

1st& 2ndplacings in events-restricted to short courses due to age (15yrs)

Clayton Chapman 2012